Pick Your Own

2016 Apple season

We are currently picking the Royal Gala Apples

Apples available - Sept - Nov
We sell per bag,
- PYO or Ready Picked each bag holds approximately 15 lbs
PYO bag $15 - Ready picked bag $20
Pies $13; Strudel $5 ea or 3 for $14; Cookies $1 ea or 6 for $5.
Jam- $8 ea -- Strawberry, Blueberry,Blackberry
Honey - small $10 or 2 for $18

All wine $12
  2 liter sweet Apple Cider- $6
 4 liter sweet Apple cider- $9

  Tractor drawn rides run weekend only weather permitting.
For your safety we recommend:
Do not touch any fences - they may be electric
Do not pick up the cats - the may scratch and or bite
Feed horses at your own risk - they may accidentally bite
Play at your own risk
Do not climb on any farm equipment or go into the hay barn

It's that time Again!

It's apple picking time at Wagner Orchards!

 Apples available:
Empire, Mutsu, Red and Gold Delicious, Royal Gala.


Our Bakery is open and serving a wonderful array of treats including fresh apple, cherry and blueberry pies. We're also baking mouth-watering apple and cherry strudel. 
Pies $13; Strudel $5 ea or 3 for $14; Cookies $1 ea or 6 for $5.

Families that Pick Together Stick Together!

Picking fresh fruit is a fun, family activity, and a great way to spend an enjoyable afternoon. Kids love to grab a fresh apple from a tree. For many families from the city we know that this is the only farm experience they will have. We are a working farm and we are always happy to discuss any and all farming practices with our guests.

We are working towards eliminating the use of all chemicals on our fruit trees. For insect control we use insect pheromone traps and a natural clay powder instead of insecticide. We use manure from our beef and horse herd instead of chemical fertilizer. Hay is grown in rotation to build the soil structure.

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