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Name: Bernadine Kingston
From: Toronto
How did you find us?: Driving by
Date signed: 8/29/2016 2:36:40 PM
Comments: Our family was driving home to Toronto yesterday and came across your store. We bought corn and an apple pie. I must compliment you on your pies. It was the best we have ever tasted! Many thanks for the wonderful corn too!
Name: Karen Tuckwell
From: Dresden
How did you find us?: looking online for a orchard to pick apples, none close to home this year
Date signed: 10/14/2012 3:55:53 PM
Comments: Just visited your orchard. While looking online for an orchard to pick apples at this year came upon yours. Was surprised to find out that who the owners were. Dr. Jan treated our dog Rocky 4 years ago. He was paralysed and needed extensive acupuncture and water therapy for several months. He is now 13 and walks with only a slight limp and can swim quite well now thanks to Dr. Jan! What a surprise to find the farm and orchard. As a family we are always looking for organic products and have found a few farms in our area (Dresden) that provide the products we are looking for. Now we have found another one that we will return to often. Today, we picked apples, and purchased meat, pies, cider and cookies. We will definitely visit again soon and am looking forward to bringing our one year old grandson to experience the farm! So happy to have found you guys!
Name: Vanessa DiPasquale
From: Windsor, Ontario
How did you find us?: online
Date signed: 10/13/2012 12:43:20 PM
Comments: My boyfriend and I first went to the Wagner estate last October with the intention of just getting a pumpkin. We were pleasantly surprised to see all that you had to offer! We ended up getting 2 pumpkins (to have a pumpkin carving competition), a pie, and cookies! We returned again this year to get our pumpkins again. We had so much fun going through the pumpkin patches. This time we also picked up wine, honey, and sausage! It seems visiting the Wagner estate has become a tradition for us! Thank you for your kindness and great, local products.
Name: S Montague
How did you find us?: internet
Date signed: 9/23/2012 9:21:07 AM
Comments: Welcoming News before I even go to Wagners today. Looks like its the only place that the Spring Frost didnt damage all their Orchards. Im so thrilled....This should be a Grand day...will report back with some photos too hopefully.
Name: Katrina Adams
How did you find us?: parents
Date signed: 4/17/2012 7:41:51 PM
Comments: I have been coming to Wagner's for as long as I can remember! I absolutely love this orchard and I love how it is a family owned and operated company, they make me feel like i'm part of the Wagner family. I think that Wagner's is a lot more spacious and welcoming then Thiessen's! And the food is soooooo much BETTER than Thiessen's! i recommend Wagner's to all of you my friends! Cheers!
Name: Ricky Brundritt
Homepage: InKnowledge
From: London, UK
How did you find us?: Used to live down the road
Date signed: 4/24/2011 4:48:31 AM
Comments: I used to live down the road from this place. When I was a kid I would ride my bike there to buy apple cider. I love their wines. Always make a point to pick up a case when I'm home at Christmas.
Name: Jan O'Hara
From: Windsor, Ont
How did you find us?: Trolley tour with a group
Date signed: 10/1/2010 6:50:03 PM
Comments: Had a very interesting day at the other stops but Wagners was the one everyone seemed to enjoy the most. Loved your wines and bought a lot of goodies. My apple pie was the best I've had. Will be back on our own and will definately bring other friends. Hope you can relax a little through the winter. Thanks for being there.
Name: Christine Meloche
How did you find us?: online
Date signed: 9/6/2010 2:57:17 PM
Comments: This is our favorite place to go to as a family our daughter loves the hay rides. This year, our son who just turned two, its his turn to pick apples for the first time. Looking forward to going as a family a lot of great and yummy things to pick from.
Name: Heather Ford
From: Harrow ON
How did you find us?: at the wine event that was at the Ag building in Harrow friday.
Date signed: 3/9/2009 12:04:52 PM
Comments: I just want to say that out of all 14 different wine companies at the event held in Harrow on March 13 - your wine was by far the best I enjoyed. I will definitely come out and buy your product next time I am out that way. Thanks so much
Name: Christine Lunardi
From: Windsor Ontario
How did you find us?: a friend
Date signed: 10/5/2008 7:10:14 PM
Comments: I visited for the first time Saturday Oct 4/08 and had a blast. Loved the apple strudel and all the exciting activities for the children. Loved playing in the stack of hay and the jumping castle was hilarious. Lots of great opportunities for family photos. We were unable to go on the hay ride but will check it out next weekend with other friends Thanks for all you do for us it is greatly apprieciated. Keep smiling!!!
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