Wagner Estate Winery

At Wagner Estate Winery, we have just the right wine to match whatever you are serving this holiday season-from appetizers to dessert. And we are always happy to let you sample our wines.

All wines $15/bottle

Red Wines

Log House Red - Our first red wine, Log House Red is smooth Merlot . It is a light crisp wine that makes it the perfect complement to beef or fine cheese. Sugar code 0

White Wines

Log House Dry - is a rich, dry wine with a crisp fruity finish. It is the perfect complement for almost any meal but is extremely well suited to seafood, poultry dishes and light cheeses. Sugar code 0

Log House White - A very light tasting wine with a fruity and floral nose  .This  Gewürztraminer  has a very smooth finish and is reminiscent of the Rhine Wines. It is a great wine to pair with seafood, chicken, or light cheeses. Sugar code 2 

Blush Wines

Fire House Red - is an award-winning crisp, cherry wine perfect by itself or with spice food. It is best served very cold. Sugar code 2

Bridle Path -
This blush wine is blend of Rasp
berry  wine and Vidal . It is a great little summer wine mixed with soda or for those who enjoy a sweet table wine. This wine complements the taste of spicy food or strong flavoured meats and cheese. Sugar code 3 

Dessert Wines

Framboise - This is a fabulous raspberry dessert wine, the wine has a big raspberry aroma and taste. Its smooth, sweet taste makes it the perfect complement to cheese or fine chocolate. Mixed with champagne it makes a festive, fun cocktail. Sugar code 8  (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)

Black Ice - is a rich black currant wine reminiscent of black currant jam. It is excellent with fine chocolates or cheesecakes. Sugar code 8 (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)

Black Cat - is a blend of black raspberry and apple wine to produce a unique table wine with sweet-tart flavor.
Served chilled with spicy food.
Sugar code 3 (SOLD OUT)

Forbidden Fruit - a sparkling blend of Raspberry, Cherry and Black Currant Fruit Wines perfect for any celebration.
Sugar code 3 (SOLD OUT)


Sparkling Cider

Wagner's Hard Ciders- A light and crisp cider with a 6.2% Alcohol by volume perfect by itself or mixes perfectly with Any of our fruit wines for a fruity spritzer.

Available by the Growler 
Hard Apple $20
Hard Cherry $23
Hard Raspberry $25

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